Intimate Vineyard Elopement - Borrodell


When I spoke to Anne over the phone about her wedding plans, I knew that her elopement to Brock was going to be pretty special. Anne and Brock wanted their day to be about the intimacy of their vows first and foremost. They decided to elope with only their parents, the priest Zac and myself present in the vineyards at Borrodell. No guests, no reception. Simple and intimate.

When Anne was getting ready with her mum, her hands were shaking. A platter of cheese and dip sat on the table hardly touched. Anne did her own make-up and her mum made the bouquet. Stems of eucalyptus sat in a saucepan - they’d forgotten an extra vase but the saucepan did the trick.

Brock got ready with his parents in a separate cabin. They were dressed when I got there and quietly watching football on the TV. No hustle, no bustle. Silence and nervousness. The simplicity, the beauty of everything being stripped back and the emotion was incredible. To say the ceremony was intimate and sacred is an understatement!

I felt so present and so part of their lives. I also feel so grateful that I was one of a handful of people that got to witness Anne and Brock’s vows. I believe the intimacy took my images to another level. I felt so connected and present. They are beautiful and I am so proud to share them. Enjoy.