Where to start with you timeline and runsheet....

Remember this is all standard info and you are more than welcome to mix it up!

What the hell is a runsheet?

A timeline that tells me where to be and when based on what you are doing and what you want photographed! Here’s a typical 8 hour run sheet for a summer wedding with sunset at 7.30pm.

2 - 2.45pm groom prep (travel to bride’s house)
3 - 4pm bride prep (travel to ceremony)
4.30 - 5.15pm ceremony
5.30 - 5.45pm group photo, family photos
5.45 - 6.30pm bridal party photos
6.30pm enter reception
7 - 7.30pm couple sneak out for sunset photos
(sunset is 7.20pm)
7 onwards reception
10.30pm photography finishes


During prep I photograph all the important details you’ve put together to make the day yours as well as candid shots of what is happening behind the scenes. Then right at the end normally I take some nice portraits of you with whoever is at the house. This can help cut down family photo time later on too - especially if your immediate family come to the house about 30 mins before I’m scheduled to leave for some quick pics!

If you are short of time or if one of you doesn’t want prep photos that’s totally fine. Sometimes for the 6 hour package we skip groom prep and go straight to the bride.

Starting with the person arriving at the ceremony first works the best. Allocate 30 mins- 1 hour depending on what package you booked for groom/partner 2. Then add travel time and 45 mins -1.5 hours with the bride/partner 1.

So something like…

2 - 2.45pm groom prep (travel to bride’s house)
3 - 4pm bride prep (travel to ceremony)
4.30 - 5.15pm ceremony


We’ll end the prep photography part of the day with the bride/partner one - making sure we get some amazing shots of you all dressed up with your bouquet, entourage, and any family present. Ideally we start photographing these an hour before you are due to leave - which allows 30 minutes for portraits and 30 minutes more for me to travel to the ceremony ahead of you and set-up to photograph you arriving.

During the ceremony there are only a few moments where I will be quite close. The rest of the time I’ll hang back and use my longer lenses to capture all of the action. Everything during the ceremony is photographed as it happens - nice and candid.

You do have the option to knock out all of you family photos before the ceremony and I would highly recommended this if you want to spend more time with your guests, and or/do a first look. So if you are happy seeing your partner before the ceremony it’s an awesome way to have more chill time after the ceremony.

Nope. We want to see each other walking down the aisle. Sweet. Then this is what we do…. straight after the ceremony is the time when you want to do your formal family photos. Before everyone wanders off and hits the bar! Not everyone wants a group shot - just let me know yay or nay and I’ll go with whatever you want to do. This is also when all of the family photos should be taken. Group first then family. I’ll need an exact list in the order of the photos and someone loud who knows most of the people in them to make it run smoothly. Allocate 20 minutes with some extra time as a buffer to cover family shots.

A standard family photo list looks like this….

Bride and groom plus groom’s extended family

Bride and groom plus groom’s immediate family

Bride and groom plus bride’s extended family

Bride and groom plus bride’s immediate family

Bride and groom plus grandparents

You get the idea!

15 different photos is about the maximum number you want. It takes too long and you’ll be over it! 10 is ideal!

This is your time to really enjoy being married! A normal portrait session goes from 1-2 hours depending on how many people you have in your bridal party and the number of locations you’d like to go to. Allocate travel time between locations and make sure you pack some drinks and food to share.

Keep in mind the ‘golden hour’ for photos is the hour before sunset. If you are getting married in summer when the sun sets at 8pm, allocating 30 minutes for you and your fiancée to duck out for sunset shots works really well!

At this time I document the reception candidly as it unfolds, including the first dances, toasts, dancing, and cake cutting. Please make sure anything you want photographed is scheduled before I leave.

And that’s it! Any questions? Probably yes - so let me know and I’ll help you out :)